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Comprehensive Design and Engineering Services for All Types of Vessels and Ocean Systems.

What's on Your Horizon?

Horizon is deeply rooted in the technologies and traditions of Naval Architecture; but we recognize that increasingly sophisticated ships and ocean systems require a multidisciplinary approach. In addition to Naval Architects our team includes Engineers from many different specialties, Project Managers, Designers and other talented people who love to find innovative solutions to tough problems.



Yachts are a particularly demanding segment of the marine industry. The unique operational requirements for each yacht, and the high level of finish required, demand extreme attention to detail and engineering excellence. At Horizon we understand the specialized world of yachting and look forward to achieving exceptional results for our clients.



The Horizon team has experience with a wide variety of commercial vessels representing almost every industry, including freighters, ferries, tugs, tankers, OSVs and passenger ships. We are equally at home with vessels ranging in size from small workboats to cruise ships. We not only know the ships, but we know the industries, and can help navigate the logistical challenges within an industry while engineering solutions to industry specific problems. Horizon can design special purpose vessels, engineer and manage major refits, and provide solutions for regulatory compliance.

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