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Design & New Builds

Horizon designs vessels and ship systems to meet the performance, cost and aesthetic goals of our clients. We believe that it is critical to carefully study the requirements of each new project and to evaluate multiple design concepts before committing to an implementation path. Once a concept is chosen, we then move quickly to fill in the details, using a variety of state of the art design, engineering and simulation tools.

New Vessels

All new vessels start with an idea. Horizon can take that idea and turn it into a finished ship or yacht. We go through a series of iterative steps to develop a concept design to our client’s satisfaction, and then create the hull, arrangement, and machinery designs. We use the latest CAD tools to produce 3D models, and we perform extensive simulations to verify the performance of the hull and machinery. Finally, we produce a complete specification and drawing package for the builder.

Advanced Ship Systems

A modern vessel is a system of systems. The systems may include propulsion, steering, electrical, hydraulic, sanitary, stabilization, air conditioning, and many other functions. Vessels’ systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and can provide exceptional capabilities, but they are also becoming more complex and interconnected. Horizon takes a holistic view of shipboard systems, and we work hard to simplify where possible and to wring more functionality from fewer systems.

Custom Technical Solutions

Horizon designs custom equipment for unique requirements – specialized systems to operate above or below the water surface.

Technical Specification Review

Horizon provides engineering services to review proposed technical specifications
written by others for accuracy and completeness. Specifications are critical contract documents, and as such should be thoroughly reviewed by trained and licensed engineers competent in the field.


Computer and software advances have made it possible to simulate the performance of vessels at sea and the machinery which propels them. Horizon uses high performance computers and commercial, open source and internally developed software to simulate fluid flows (CFD), propeller  performance, and other machinery operation. These simulations allow us to refine our designs to achieve maximum  performance.

Owner's Representation

Once a new build is committed, it is critical that the owner have a representative with strong technical capabilities to monitor the build process. Horizon can provide representation and oversight services for builds on which Horizon was not the designer of record.

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