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Forensics & Expert Witness Services

Horizon consists of a technically diverse team of technologists with training and experience in all manner of equipment failures and accidents.  We can provide forensic analysis of equipment and material failures, as well as professional opinions on procedural disputes.

Hull and Machinery Damage & Failure Modes

When equipment is damaged or otherwise fails it is often possible to determine the cause through careful analysis using sophisticated instruments, coupled with a thorough understanding of the functional requirements of the equipment.  At Horizon we have technologists from many disciplines who can work collaboratively to determine potentially obscure failure modes.

Construction Standards & Methods

Many vessels fail in service, not from bad materials or design, but due to poor construction practices.  The Horizon team has seen many vessels constructed, done well and done poorly, and can provide expert opinions on construction quality.

Maintenance & Repair Issues

Poorly maintained equipment is likely to fail sooner than well maintained equipment, of course.  The real question is, how much sooner?  And, was this failure due to poor maintenance or repair, or some other cause?  These are not often easy questions to answer.  Horizon can perform sophisticated analyses and statistical tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the maintenance history of shipboard equipment to help refine maintenance & repair programs, or in support of legal action.

Class & Statutory Compliance Implementation

Compliance with Class rules and various statutes is stock-in-trade for naval architects and engineers, as the rules and requirements directly impact engineering design decisions.  We are well versed in the rules of the various classes, and the subtle differences between them.  Horizon always designs to the rules, and we can provide analysis and documentation to support our design decisions or those of others.

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