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Refits & Repair

Refits can be as simple as moving a bulkhead or adding a hatch, or as complex as cutting a vessel in half and inserting an extension. In most cases even extensive changes to the layout or form of a vessel are significantly less costly that the purchase of a new one. Horizon has designed and managed refits ranging from simple to nearly impossible, and can provide the design, engineering and project management services to complete them effectively.

Hybrid Conversions

Hybrid and all-electric propulsion systems have proven to be extremely effective at minimizing fuel consumption and noise. In the right application, a hybrid propulsion system can also reduce the size of engines required, eliminate nighttime generator operation, and simplify maintenance. When it comes time to repower it is an excellent idea to consider conversion to a modern hybrid propulsion system as one of your options.


Changing the main propulsion engines can range from very simple to extremely
complicated. For a simple upgrade to powerplants of the same manufacturer and
power, the process is easy – although in many cases it requires cutting access holes in the hull or superstructure. For increases or decreases in power, a thorough technical analysis must be performed, including simulations, propeller design, hydrostatic analysis and system integration studies.

Propulsion Optimization

Two of the most critical performance characteristics of any vessel are how fast it can go and how much fuel it burns in doing so. Horizon uses sophisticated CFD (computational fluid dynamics) tools and in-house developed software to study the hull and running gear interaction in order to adjust the design for maximum performance.

Electrical System Design Modifications

A refit is an excellent opportunity to add advanced control and monitoring capability to existing systems. These technologies make it possible to control functions throughout the vessel from one or more locations, including ashore. Recording and analyzing of telemetry data can be used to predict equipment failures and prevent catastrophes. Horizon has a deep background in advanced instrumentation, control and telemetry
systems. Ask us to show how you can improve operations  efficiency, reliability and safety through remote monitoring and control.

Layout Changes

Sometimes it is just time to remodel. In most cases even extensive changes to the layout or form of a vessel are significantly less costly that the purchase of a new one. Horizon can design arrangement modifications and analyze the structural impacts. We can then work with an interior designer on styling and detailing if desired.

3D Laser Scanning and Modeling

Often there is missing or inaccurate documentation, in which case Horizon uses in-house precision 3D laser scanning to create the base drawings. We use various advanced CAD tools to create 3D models of changes, from which photorealistic images can be produced for approval.

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