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Surveys & Regulatory Compliance

Safety and financial considerations make their way into every aspect of vessel design and operation. The most critical consideration of every design decision is how it will affect the safety of the ship. The Horizon team is well versed in SOLAS, Class, Flag and Port State rules and regulations. Members of our team have worked for major classification societies for many years and are well qualified to advise on all regulatory matters. We always design to the applicable standards, and we usually can quickly produce documentation to support the requirements of regulatory agencies.

Lightship Surveys and Inclining Experiments

As a vessel is used and maintained, equipment added and removed, and the hull possibly modified, the stability characteristics of the vessel can change.  Regulatory agencies require periodic measurements of certain aspects of stability, which may be satisfied by performing a lightship survey, or in more difficult cases, an inclining experiment.  Horizon can perform stability tests and prepare the necessary reports for submission.

Load Lines

Almost all seagoing vessels of 24 meters or more in length must have an international load line certificate, which is a critical safety document.  Although loadline certificates must be issued by a recognized authority, Horizon can assist with preparation of the vessel and documentation for review.

Stability Calculations

Horizon can conduct intact and damage stability calculations and prepare the stability book for submission to the appropriate agencies.  

Damage and Pre-Purchase Surveys

Horizon’s naval architects and surveyors have many years of experience in evaluating all manner of vessels.  We can assess the extent of damages in cases of collision, fire, grounding or catastrophic weather and provide guidance on repairs.  Horizon also conducts pre-purchase and condition surveys and will provide detailed reports and recommendations of remedies for unsatisfactory findings.

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