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We would like to take a moment to welcome you to the Horizon Naval Architects Blog. Our goal for this blog is to help educate each visitor to our site about what it is that we do. Naval architecture is complicated, so we want to ensure that we make the concepts as simple as possible. That way, you will know for sure that we know what we are talking about and can trust us with your naval architecture and marine engineering projects.

What to Expect on the Horizon Naval Architecture Blog

Here at Horizon Naval Architects, we want to regularly put up new content to explain our processes and why they are so important. We will put up blogs about several topics, including:

  • Ship Building Designs for New Builds and Rebuilds
  • Yacht Redesign, Layout Changes, and Ship Refitting
  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance Services We Provide
  • Performing Boat Tests and Stability Analysis
  • How Our Expert Witness Services Can Aid You In Court
  • Services We Provide Personal Owners and Commercial Yacht Brokers Alike
  • And so much more…

The point is to take a complex topic and simplify it so you understand the point of what we do. If we can show you how important our services are, you will know that when you turn to us, you can trust what you get in return. Here at Horizon Naval Architects, we will listen to your needs. Then, we will make sure to meet or exceed them in every way we can. That includes in our blog.

We Can Help Customers in Dania Beach, South Florida, and Even Worldwide

We are proud to serve the people of Dania Beach and the surrounding areas. Plus, we also help people all around South Florida and around the world when the opportunity presents itself. To find out how we can help you specifically, contact us today. We would be glad to help with your naval architecture project. Our team of professional marine engineers and naval architects are here to help in any way we can.