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Horizon is deeply rooted in the technologies and traditions of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering; but we recognize that increasingly sophisticated ships and ocean systems require a multidisciplinary approach. In addition to naval architects, our team includes engineers from many different specialties, project managers, designers and other talented people who love to find innovative solutions to tough problems.

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Yacht Architecture

Yachts are a particularly demanding segment of the marine industry. The unique operational requirements for each yacht, and the high level of finish required, demand extreme attention to detail and marine engineering excellence. At Horizon, we understand the specialized world of yachting and look forward to achieving exceptional results for our clients. To find out how we can help, call us at 1-954-727-3570 today.

Commercial Solutions

The Horizon team has experience with a wide variety of commercial vessels representing almost every industry, including freighters, ferries, tugs, tankers, OSVs, and passenger ships. We are equally at home with vessels ranging in size from small workboats to cruise ships. We not only know the ships, but we know the industries, and can help navigate the logistical challenges within an industry while providing engineering solutions to industry specific problems. Horizon Naval Architects can design special purpose vessels, engineer and manage major refits, and provide solutions to meet regulatory requirements.

About Horizon Naval Architects Marine Engineers

Design & New Builds

When a client needs a new boat design, we work with them to create a design that suits their specific needs.

Refit & Repair

We are capable of providing both refit and repair options for all sizes of ships to achieve compliance and provide comfort.

Surveys & Regulatory Compliance

It can be difficult to maintain compliance, but our marine engineers and naval architects know how to help.

Forensics & Expert Witness

We can help you find out what happened or make sure your ship is safe with our forensic and expert witness professionals.

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What Is Marine Engineering?

Just a short time ago, no one would find themselves asking, what is marine engineering? The job simply did not exist under that type of a title. Today, thankfully, there are specialized marine engineers who help design, develop, produce, and maintain any type of vessel that is meant to travel by water. This can include small fishing boats, large commercial ships meant to carry containers, and even cruise ships or superyachts. This field of study requires a strong attention to detail, a solid understanding of overall engineering, and a willingness to think outside the box to create solutions to unusual problems.

What Do Marine Engineers and Naval Architects Do?

Marine engineers and naval architects have a very exacting job. They design ships and other sea-going vessels so that they can be built strong and durable. They also help build and maintain those ships to ensure they can withstand the treacherous environments that ships must travel in: constant wetness, salt erosion, weather hazards, etc. As each ship moves, it must remain balanced and true, which involves calculating many figures to ensure the ship remains safe for its passengers and cargo. Naval architects and marine engineers must also remain current on regulatory changes and compliance to ensure each ship they design, build, or maintain remains in compliance.

What Are the Applications of Naval Architecture?

Naval architecture is a vast study. It covers all types of boats and ships on the water today. This includes ferries, passenger and cargo ships, powerboats, tugboats, yachts, cruisers, and so many more. The study of naval architecture can also include water structures, such as oil rigs or commercial platforms. Each of these items must be designed within regulatory compliance, built with the right materials, and then maintained so the environment does not degrade the item to where it becomes unsafe.

What All Goes Into Yacht and Boat Design?

Yacht and boat design are unlike many other types of design because there is so much more freedom. The only limitations when it comes to ship design is materials, being able to stand up to the weather and the environment, and being safe when out on the water. Naval architects take a lot of time to design yachts and superyachts because of their enormous size. Each inch of the ship can have multiple uses, meaning that a lot of creativity and organization can come into play. To find out more about yacht or boat design, contact us today!

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