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About Horizon Naval Architects

We provide Advanced Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, along with supporting Analytical Tools and Regulatory Compliance services, with emphasis on Performance Optimization, for the benefit of Vessel Owners, Operators, Managers, and Builders

About Horizon Naval Architects

The Horizon team consists of highly skilled technical naval engineering practitioners in the fields of naval architecture, plus ocean, mechanical, controls and system, electrical, and marine engineering. We view a vessel as an integrated whole, comprised of multiple structures and systems which must all work together in a well-coordinated fashion.

Our multi-disciplinary approach enables us to engineer comprehensive, one-stop naval architecture engineering solutions to complex challenges. This results in naval architecture designs which are as simple as possible, cost effective, tightly managed, well documented, and precisely responsive to our client’s needs.

For more information on ship designs, repairs, refitting, safety compliance, or damage surveys, call us here at Horizon Naval Architects. Our number is 1-954-727-3570 and we look forward to working with you. 

I think management and technology all come into play in building a super-yacht. It is a challenge – a serious challenge.

~Gautam Singhania

Horizon Naval Architects is a strong supporter of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, and many on our staff are members.


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