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What comes to mind when you think about masters in naval architecture? People who are at the top of the field, right? How about a team with a vast array of skills, education, and experience to make your ship design ideas into reality? When you turn to the experienced naval architects and marine engineers here at Horizon Naval Architects, that is precisely what you get. With more than 120 years of combined naval architecture experience, we can modify, design, and problem-solve nearly any ship issue you may have.

The Masters in Naval Architecture of Horizon Naval Architects

We have experienced ship designers and naval architects who are happy to take on any new or redesign project you may have. Our experience covers small boats, large commercial ships, and even cruise ships that carry thousands of people. We can design a new ship, redesign a ship you want to alter, or even go through and manage a ship build you are having done.

Our marine engineers and naval architects come to us from around the world. That further expands the expertise and creative minds that we can use on every project. When your build or design requires a little thinking outside the box, the more we can bring to the table, the better. Updating an old yacht or ship often means rebuilding parts of it to accommodate new systems. This requires being creative with how the systems work together to be the most efficient. By having people from around the world with varied experience, we can come up with these new ideas.

Turn to Horizon Naval Architects When You Need a Reliable Naval Architecture Firm

For a ship design or rebuild that suits your specific needs, call on our naval architecture firm. Our team of masters in naval architecture will help with any aspect of the design process you need. If you need us to take your design and run some simulations, we can do that, too. Call us at 1-954-727-3570 today and let us explain to you how we can help.